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· 6 min read
Phạm Quyết Thắng
Fullstack developer


In the process of developing web applications or blogs, providing a rich text editor for users is a common requirement. This allows users to create, edit, and format their content flexibly and easily. One popular text editor in the programming community is React Quill, known for its high customization and easy integration into your React projects.

However, allowing users to upload and insert images or videos into the text editor is not a simple task. Especially when you need to store and manage thousands of multimedia files. The solution is to use a powerful cloud image storage service like Cloudinary. Cloudinary allows you to store, upload, and manage images and videos efficiently, enhancing the functionality and performance of your application.

In this article, we will learn how to integrate React Quill with the Cloudinary image storage service to address this complex issue. Together, we will build an editor that enables users to conveniently and quickly upload and insert images and videos.

  • React Quill: An open-source text editor that allows users to create and edit content with various formats.
  • Cloudinary: A powerful cloud storage service that supports easy management, uploading, and processing of images and videos.

· 2 min read
Đặng Anh Sơn
Happy developer

Fixing CORS Issue When Calling API


Many developers face issues related to CORS. But what is CORS? CORS is a mechanism that allows various resources (JavaScript) on a web page to be requested from a domain different from the domain of that page. This is the CORS policy error that most developers encounter. When calling an API to a server without the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header or with an invalid value, this error occurs, and data cannot be retrieved from the API.